Preservation and Archival Services


Art Collector Services

We work extensively providing archival and preservation services for individuals and collectors alike.  We have the finest quality materials and know exactly what is needed to preserve your piece for years to come.

Conservation Framing

Conservation or preservation framing is a method of picture framing that preserves and protects artwork. We ensure that all of the material used in our custom framing and matting will never harm the artwork, and will, as much as possible, protect the artwork from physical damage. Our professional picture framers are trained in the latest and proper techniques /materials for preservation framing, and with our custom picture framing your artwork will last a lifetime.

Glass Selection

We know that you choose to custom frame because the piece you are framing is important to you, and the project you bring to us is something you want to enjoy for a long time to come. The glazing you choose is very important. Only Conservation Grade glazing will help protect your cherished artwork, family photos, or any object you wish to have framed.

Reflection Control Glass

Conservation Reflection Control® glass enhances the beauty of artwork with a matte-like finish that scatters light to minimize unwanted glare.  Additionally, it effectively blocks up to 99% of UV light rays to help protect art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes from fading and deterioration caused by harmful UV light rays.

Museum Glass® anti-reflection picture framing glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection is the best glazing option available for art, photographs and other important personal keepsakes.  Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays so framed pieces remain clearer and brighter for longer.

UV Protection Glass

UV light can be your artwork’s worst enemy. Its energy is absorbed by paint, ink, canvas and paper, causing photochemical reactions and molecular damage that results in color changes and fragility.  We also like to remind our customers that it is not just sunlight that causes UV damage — all light sources do. All UV damage is both cumulative and irreversible, which is why  it is important to have a level of UV protection that meets the conservation standard of 97% UV protection or higher set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


Conservation Clear® Acrylic with its UV filtering technology protects works of art from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Over time, the ultraviolet rays in everyday indoor and outdoor light take a toll on artwork. Paper can become faded, discolored and brittle, causing irreversible damage that ruins the works of art. Conservation Clear Acrylic provides 99% UV protection to help protect art from fading by blocking harmful indoor and outdoor light rays, preserving art for years longer than regular acrylic.