Printables Collection


Customize your home decor with personalized pieces created through our Printables Collection

Gift giving just got easier with our new Printables line of home decor. Display your family photos or your own artwork in a brand new way by sublimating it on to a wide variety of surfaces, from tile, slate, and metal. Get even more creative by adding these images to cups, coasters, cutting boards, serving trays, gift boxes and more.

Visit WFAFS any time and choose from the wide variety of pre-made gift options created using designs from our featured artists.

Let Printables spice up your business image

Need a new way to display your logo or feature your work? Printables has options for you as well. We can place your images or text on a wide variety of sizes of metal or other surfaces to let your business stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to discuss ideas.

Check out some of the examples below and see how you can get started making your own Printables creations.

Want to create your own
Printables piece?

Printables coasters, tiles

Call us for pricing on any pieces you’re interested in creating. When you’ve chosen your piece, email us your artwork. Digital images will need to be high resolution (300 dpi), saved as jpgs or eps files.

If you have no idea what dpi, jpg or eps means, don’t worry. We can scan your image here at WFAFS. Just bring us your photo or art, and we’ll take care of the rest.