Picture frames

smallbusinesslogo2014-300x150“Thank you for being so flexibile, dependable, and meticulous — your high standards and quality work make my job so much easier!”

Stephanie K.
Interior Designer


“It really helps that the owner, Beth, is an artist as well as a framer. She is able to take a piece of art or photograph and recommend the frame and matting that brings out the very best in a piece of art. I use Wake Forest Art and Frame exclusively and regularly recommend it to everyone!”

Charles F.
Loyal Customer

“Each time I go in, I am asked about what type of decor I have, questions about where it will hang, what I am going for, things that really do matter when you are having something framed. If you go to a big box store, I promise, you will not be asked about your home—they don’t care. They just want to frame your pic and get you out of there. This is not how WF Art and Frame practices. They know that you will have this item hanging where you will see it every day, and they know that you want it to be special. I’ve had paintings, concert posters, a jersey, and an autographed t-shirt all framed here, and I love the result of every item I have had framed.”

Shannon A.